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Take Your Nursing Skills to the Next Level with Training at CiMaS!

CiMaS is commited to quality care and the best practise for all our clients.

To achieve quality care in line wiht individual needs, CiMaS provides quality training and support care.

All trianing is in line with the NDIS Quality Standards and is delivered by our nursing team.

Modern Training, Modern Services

CiMaS’ Training Services are held by trained specialty instructors, offering expert nursing education, interactive workshops, and online course assessment and content that is available after you have completed your training. You will also be awarded a certificate of completion of your training. 

CiMaS uses the online platform TalentLMS to manage all course content. TalentLMS is an industry-leading training platform. By joining our training services, you will be entering into an online training space where you can collaberate with your fellow students and instructors, review course content at any time, and view all other courses available at CiMaS. 

What We Offer

Training topics currently provided include, but is not limited to:

  • Medication Management  
  • Hoist Training 
  • First Aid and CPR 
  • Basic Wound Care  
  • Epilepsy  
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Glucose Level Monitoring  
  • Insulin Administration  
  • Caring for Frail Clients 
  • Bowel Health 
  • Suppositories  
  • Urinary Health 
  • Catheter Care 
  • Uro Tainer  
  • Enteral Nutrition – PEG, PEJ, GJ 
  • Farrell Valve 
  • Stoma Care  

Mental Health First Aid Training at CiMaS

Mental health first aid is a skills based training program that is used to help improve early detection and prevention of mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction.

This is a standardised course developed by Mental
Health First Aid International. Some aspects of this
course have been customised by Licensed MHFA
Instructor Von to incorporate relevant examples and local information.

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CiMaS is offring in-house Mental Health First Aid Training at a limited time low price!

We are looking to run MHFA Training for local Ipswich organisations at a reduced cost, while we get our name out there.
This training can be held on-site at your place of business!

Our accredited instructor Von will hold three-hour training sessions once a week for four weeks. Each session will take a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12.

Pricing Information:

  • Monday to Friday – $140 per person
  • Saturday – $180 per person
  • Sunday – $200 per person

To learn more, contact our instructor Von:

Email: mhfa@cimas.net.au
Ph: 07 3448 0052

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